natural domestic

Form+Content Gallery presents Natural Domestic by Crescent Collective: an exhibition of living sculptures and images that capture the tension between nature as we imagine it and today’s myriad urban, domestic, and agricultural landscapes. The exhibition references historical depictions of landscape and the act of collecting natural objects by placing flora within orchestrated, technologically-supported    environments.
These works represent the synthetic landscapes of today, evidenced in home aquariums, hydroponic and engineered produce, and globalized house and garden plants.

Artist Statement
Crescent Collective investigates the ways in which humans interface with plants, environment, and technology in the age of the Anthropocene. Their work responds to current environmental and cultural   shifts in relation to natural systems through living sculpture and public art interventions. Rather than simply questioning the infrastructure in place, they are motivated by an optimistic desire to re-think future relationships between plants and  people.

Artist Bio
Crescent Collective was founded by Laura Bigger, Artemis Ettsen, and Teréz Iacovino in 2012. The trio joined Form+Content Gallery in the summer of 2015. Their work has been exhibited at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, the Hungry Turtle Institute in Avery, WI, and can be found permanently installed at Youth Farm’s Cherokee Heights Elementary School greenhouse in St. Paul, MN. Crescent Collective is the recipient of a 2013 University of Minnesota Diversity of View and Experiences Summer Research Fellowship, a 2013 University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment Grant, and a 2014 Jerome  Planning Grant.

September 22 – October 29, 2016

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 24, 2016, 7 –9:00 pm


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