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An exhibition of new sculpture and paintings by Minneapolis artist Jim Dryden

 As with all of his work, Dryden is interested in connections and how things relate; this new work addresses the concept of gravity as a natural phenomenon by which all objects attract one another. Gravity as a force manifests itself in this new work both visually and physically.

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe will create itself from nothing.” – Stephen Hawking

Dryden surrounds himself in life with a modernist aesthetic, choosing environments that nurture and inspire his work. He has always acknowledged the influence of specific artists such as Joan Miro, Paul Klee and Alexander Calder. His new sculptures also evoke modernist designers such as Ray and Charles Eames, Marcel Breuer and Eero Saarinen, as well as specific movements in 20th Century Art and Design such as the Bauhaus, Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. In this exhibition Dryden's abstract painted orbs and ellipses expand from two dimensions into three. With intersecting shapes of metal and wood coming together in space, Dryden aims to create forms and figures that honor yet defy gravity.

Thursday, October 22 – Saturday, November 28, 2015

Opening reception: Saturday, October 24, 6-8 pm

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