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unstoppable force

Women Artists, Here and Now


Form+Content Gallery is pleased to announce an invitational exhibition of 5 women artists: Lynn Geesaman, Valerie Jenkins, Shana Kaplow, Barbara Kreft, Jantje Visscher.

UNSTOPPABLE FORCE Women Artists, Here and Now  is an exhibition by 5 exhilarating women artists.  This exhibition was conceptualized by Vesna Kittelson and co-curated by Gallery members Vesna Kittelson and Mark Ostapchuk.

The intention of the curators is to avoid a specific subject or theme to bring out the importance of the individualized visions of these artists in their most ambitious works; their profound meditation on form, technique, and function. During this exhibition, 4 participating artists will talk on the origins of their works.  Each will reveal what is underneath her image, how she looks for something, and how she “unlocks” that something; intimate and authentic at the core. Each idea has a story behind it.

Lynn Geesaman: Lynn Geesaman’s photographs are of designed landscapes such as public parks, topiary gardens, orchards and canals. Her photographs bring nature and geometry together resulting in a great visual sensation.

Valerie Jenkins: My approach to art is informed by histories of art making that are rooted in observation, responsiveness, ritual and play. I am committed to forms of making that retain a tactile and material intention as objects in the world and that result as a site wherein visual perception and sensory experience co-mingle in a contingent moment of awareness. Not bound by rationality or logic, I filter the everyday in search of form that mirrors a psychological and bodily experience; that resonates within the cultural moment, and arrives with a poetic stance.

 Shana Kaplow: My paintings and video work are informed by the psychological textures present in the objects and conditions of my everyday surroundings. Contradictory qualities such as stillness and motion, the familiar and the illogical, and the concrete and the ephemeral collapse into each other. My work in the exhibition, Unstoppable Force,  is a wall-sized installation consisting of ink-painted paper shapes that resemble an explosion, yet is derived from the negative spaces found in a tower of plastic children’s chairs. 

 Barbara Kreft: I look for the intense diversity of form, both in the urban setting where I live and in the natural landscape where I travel to. My paintings evolve through multiple layers. Carefully painted lines are spread over an expressive and disjointed under-painting to ensure a unified entity, attaining an equilibrium in which conflict and narrative are obliterated.

Jantje Visscher: I think of these light shapes in many different ways. Found throughout nature, they can be microscopic, macro sized or anywhere in between. Materials that form similar patterns can be water, cloud and storm systems, sand, bones, shells, fish animal skins, and many others. Viewers may have many associations.

Press Release

 May 25 – July 01, 2017
Opening Reception
Saturday, May 27, 2017
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Artists' Talk
Saturday, June 10, 2017
7:00 pm