Form + Content Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition
Form + Content Gallery celebrates its first ten years (2007 – 2017) with a group exhibition of artworks by former and current artist members of the gallery.

Artists in the Exhibition
Robyn Stoller Awend, Christine Baeumler, Arlene Burke-Morgan, Crescent Collective (Laura Bigger, Artemis Ettsen, Teréz Iacovino), Jim Dryden, Elizabeth Erickson, Jil Evans, Camille J. Gage, Leah Golberstein, Jay Isenberg, Vesna Kittelson, Joyce Lyon, John Marshall, Lynda Monick-Isenberg, Clarence Morgan, Marty Nash, Kathryn (Kate) Nobbe, Howard Oransky, Mark Ostapchuk, Steve Ozone, Faye Passow, Jeff Rathermel, Michal Sagar, Kenneth Steinbach, Sandra Menefee Taylor, Jeff Wetzig, Jody Williams, Cameron Zebrun

The 10th Anniversary Exhibition serves as a creative reunion for the 30 artists who have made Form + Content Gallery a unique platform for artistic exploration. In reference to the 10th anniversary the artworks in this exhibition measure 10 inches in each dimension, and reflect the variety of media and artistic sensibilities that has characterized Form + Content Gallery across its first ten years.


Press Release

News and Press

January 26 – March 4, 2017
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 28
6:00 – 8:00 pm