shifting baselines

  • Form and content presents an exhibition of visual works by printmaking rooted artists Ruthann Godollei, Teréz Iacovino and Michael Marks. In their own ways Godollei, Iacovino and Marks point out protracted degrading, ongoing changes our lives and world.

    January 10 - February 16, 2019


    fare tredici

    • Form + Content gallery presents a group exhibition showcasing recent works by current gallery members in celebrating our 13th year.

      February 21, - March 30, 2019


      parts known

      • Form + Content Gallery presents: Parts Known, new works by Marty Nash and Daryn Lowman. The artists use their personal arsenals of forms and abstract elements, to create ‘narratives.’ Their work is surprisingly complementary; each striving to build subtle and robust references, tethered to process and tradition in painting and sculpture.

        • April 04 - May 11, 2019