No Claim: Assimilation, Integration and Adaptation

  • Form+Content Gallery presents No Claim: Assimilation, Integration and Adaptation, an exhibition of new photography by Steve Ozone. These images of vegetables and flowers are digitally captured against a black background which emphasizes the color and detail of the subject. The photographs range from 10 inches square to 32x36 inches. The smaller pieces are framed in 1 ½” deep shadow boxes. The larger images are hung using the posterhanger system designed by the architect Jorgen Moller..

    February 01 - March 10, 2018


  • dirt and bones

  • Form + Content Gallery presents Dirt and Bones, an exhibition of new works by artists Judy Onofrio and Sandra Menefee Taylor. Onofrio and Taylor both work with “natural materials as art materials,” which carry within themselves their own meanings. Both artists will be showing wall pieces.

    March 15, - April 21, 2018



  • ellipse

  • Form+Content Gallery presents ellipse, painting | sculpture | video by Jim Dryden. This exhibition marks the next step in a progression of work, represented by a series of solo exhibitions: Set Theory, Gravity, Continuum and now ellipse, in Jim Dryden’s exploration of the relationships between painting, sculpture, and now, video and the many ways in which a singular, abstract shape, the ellipse, might function as a mode of personal and political communication.

    April 26, - June 09, 2018



Form and Content Gallery presents Finding Your Work, an exhibition of fourteen photographers who created a safe space to focus on questions, mistakes, and outliers rather than “gallery ready” work, and in that space real artistic growth flourishes.

David Bayles 

Jason Bradley 

Harlan Chapman

David J Eisenlord 

Jack Johnson 

Sandra Masae Kawano 

Tim Kelly 

Ellie Kingsbury

Kerik Kouklis 

Ted Orland 

John Foxe Sheets 

Mark Wainer 

Helen Wallis 

Debbie Zeitman 

June 14 - July 21, 2018


Form + Content Gallery presents EMBODY, a collaborative exhibition conceptualized by five recent interns of Form + Content Gallery. 

Quinn Barnard

Elizabeth Cleary

Kris Leathers

Vatina McLaurin

Kimberly Wetzel

July 26, - September 01, 2018


Form + Content Gallery presents Some Pages for a Book of Hours, Form+Content Gallery presents Some Pages for A Book of Hours, Joyce Lyon’s exhibition of image and text, artist’s books and photographs that explores and honors the final years of four women in her life: her mother, cousin and two friends.

September 06, - October 13, 2018


reading between the lines

Form + Content Gallery presents Reading Between the Lines, a solo exhibition by Ellie Kingsbury that highlights the lives of signers (people who stand on street corners with cardboard signs asking for money

October 18 - November 24, 2018

A fertile Emptiness

 Form+Content Gallery presents A Fertile Emptiness, a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Michal Sagar. In this series, Sagar draws together remnants of history – artistic, social, personal – edging towards a new vision of untamed wildness.

November 29, 2018, - January 5, 2018