Vesna Kittelson

Photo by:                      Victor Bloomfield

Photo by:                      Victor Bloomfield


Artist Books



The artist book DA VINCI and the DRONE is a freestanding object consisting of 24 pages of drawing, painting, digital printing and palimpsest texts reflecting the contrast between the human passion for flight and the information-based pilotless aircraft designed to only survey and record. The images range from Icarus, angels, Eros, bats, and da Vinci machines…to Superman, Tinker Bell and Yves Klein the Artist of Space leaping from his window.  

DA VINCI and the DRONE, complete book

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During my life at Cambridge University in 2009, I learned that Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood had a life and marriage filled with exceptional love and sacrifice. Before their wedding Charles wrote to Emma: “I think you will humanize me, and soon teach me there is greater happiness, than building theories and accumulating facts in silence and solitude.”

To celebrate their love I created 4 artist books titled “Mrs. Darwin’s Garden”. I was guided by speculation about how Darwin might have envisioned flora in his minds eye, before the Beagle hit the shores. The four artist books feature invented images of primitive-seeming plants rendered in bright colors and presented in an accordion book to be opened for display. Playfully, I either made up a Latin name for each plant, or I named it as if it were of the same origin as a contemporary plant.

MRS. DARWIN'S GARDEN, BOOk four, collages


Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book Two


Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book One


Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book One and Two Text

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All artwork photos by: Rik Sferra