Some Pages for a Book of Hours

Form+Content Gallery presents Some Pages for A Book of Hours, an exhibition of image and text, artist’s books and photographs that explores and honors the final years of four women in her life: her mother, cousin and two friends.

In the sixteen months between her father’s death and that of her mother, Joyce Lyon was privileged to spend more time with her mother than she had during her previous adult life.  Their time together was full of challenge as well as sweetness and Lyon has no hesitation in naming it blessed.

Drawing upon journal entries, memory and photographs, she has created twenty 22”x17” broadsides displayed on the wall that chronicle the experiences of their time together.  The work is bittersweet—they both knew where the path led— but ultimately joyful, an affirmation of bravery and the possibilities of human connection.

The development of Some Pages for a Book of Hours was influenced by an exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York on the medieval Book of Hours: visually rich prayer books whose radically democratic structure, including perpetual calendar, prayers for each time of day and the Office for the Dead, allowed the owner to worship independently.  In a secular manner, Lyon applies the rhythms of attention and praise to the time she spent with her mother.

The works in this exhibition are created from a personal perspective but the hope is that the experiences chronicled will allow others to consider their own stories, to find points of connection and difference, and to be moved to celebrate our human potential.


Joyce Lyon is an artist, teacher and curator whose work focuses on memory and place.  She is represented in public and private collections internationally.  In Minneapolis she exhibits at Groveland and Form + Content Gallery.  She has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Jerome Foundation and Minnesota Center for Book Arts and was a founding member of WARM: Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota.  She is Professor emerita at the University of Minnesota.


September 06 - October 13, 2018

Opening reception:  Saturday, September 8, 6:00 - 8:30 PM

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read between the lines

Form + Content Gallery presents Read Between the Lines, a solo exhibition by Ellie Kingsbury that highlights the lives of signers (people who stand on street corners with cardboard signs asking for money)

Read Between the Lines is an exploratory installation by Ellie Kingsbury.  Kingsbury has been an fine art photographer for the past 30 years, but recently has been exploring social issues through room-sized installation projects.  READ BETWEEN THE LINES will feature a series of large pieces of cardboard, onto which homeless people have written their stories.  The work will be displayed in a semblance of housing, however of decreasing size and in a line reminiscent of domino tiles.   Ms. Kingsbury will also exhibit photographic work featuring poignant messages on a number of signs.

Artist Statement
Read Between the Lines is a rumination about my place in the gap between the haves and have nots.  Of particular interest to me are signers - the people seen on street corners with a cardboard signs asking for money.  Signers put themselves out in the public eye with a message that must be short and to the point.  This gives power to passersby to fill in any blanks in any way they choose, and it often is based in some sort of fear.  

What started as a photo project quickly evolved into a gathering of signer’s fuller stories.  I’ve met college graduates, Navy SEALS, people who just recently lost their job and housing, and yes, drunks.  In this show I represent the tenuousness of stable housing - something many of us are one paycheck away from losing.  I’ve given signers and homeless people large pieces of cardboard to write anything they want to say - their background stories, statistics, comparisons between themselves and people of means - and used these pieces to create a free-standing semblance of housing - one that is  unstable and unworthy of human habitation.

 Artist Biography
As a life-long Midwesterner, Ellie Kingsbury’s photography centers around the beauty and life force found in the mundane.  Ellie received a McKnight Fellowship for her project “Automatic Beyond Belief”, and is a two-time recipient of the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant.  She has shown both nationally and internationally, including Beijing, Helsinki, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Portland OR.  Locally she has been featured in notable galleries such as Katherine Nash, St. Catherine University

October 18 - November 24, 2018

Opening reception:  Saturday, October 20, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

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A fertile emptiness

Form+Content Gallery presents A Fertile Emptiness, a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Michal Sagar. In this series, Sagar draws together remnants of history – artistic, social, personal – edging towards a new vision of untamed wildness. Various large, unframed pieces are drawn and painted, using a wide range of materials including graphite, charcoal, conté, pastel, sand, pumice, carborundum, wax, and oil paint. Smaller lithographic prints reference aspects of these larger works and are reimagined with a variety of drawing materials, watercolor, and gouache. In all of the work, multiple levels of imagery, gestures, and mark making have transparent and translucent layers, revealing throughout, an intimacy of touch.

Michal Sagar is the Visual Arts Department Head at Breck School and a current member of Form+Content Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. She received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her drawings, paintings, and encaustic works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Solo shows include: A Fertile Emptiness at Form+Content Gallery in Minneapolis, MN; The Beginning of the Third Dream at the Schaeffer Gallery, Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN; Excavation at the Tychman Shapiro Gallery in Minneapolis, MN; and Coexistence at the Acanthe Gallery in La Ferté Loupière, France.


November 29, 2018 - January 05, 2019

Opening reception:  Saturday, December 01, 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Artist talk:  Thursday, December 06, 7:00 PM


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