I'm here: art in the service of memory


Form+Content Gallery presents I’m Here: Art in The Service of Memory, a 'social practice' exhibition organized by Sandra Menefee Taylor of curated artworks made in a 10-year span of one and one half hour classes with adults who are facing some form of cognitive memory loss.

As described by Wikipedia "social practice is an art medium that focuses on social engagement, inviting collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutions in the creation of participatory art".

The work presented will be painting, drawings and artist books created with "In A New Voice" program at the Amherst Wilder Adult Day Health Services, St Paul, Minnesota. The artists are individuals who are facing loss of known and familiar identities.  Most of the artworks presented will be from artists who have never depended on art as an identity, but now find it to be a great joy to tell, build, problem solve, and create a new sense of themselves as makers.

Press Release

 July 06 – August 12, 2017
Opening Reception
Saturday, July 08, 2017
6:00 – 8:00 pm


bearly there

Form and Content Gallery presents: bearly there, paintings and drawings by Marty Nash and Cheryl Wilgren Clyne. The exhibition includes works which explore various directions taken when an artist chooses a single mantra as their beginning point—in this case: bears.  The bear image has permeated the work of Cheryl Wilgren Clyne and Marty Nash, in one form or another, over many years.  Colleagues at St. Paul Academy and Summit School, this will be their first exhibition together.

Marty Nash Statement

Bear-like semblances continue to inspire my work. I strive to give them a singular presence that has an inherent strength, capacity for light, floating or paradoxically contrasting stasis—while also suggesting an underlying vulnerability. Although working with seemingly different styles, I start at a center of an impulse, and then use very specific parameters to see what happens as things change. There is always a play of light with dark; a duality that is both metaphorical and literal, either within each piece or active

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne Statement

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne is a multimedia artist whose work embraces her love of nature and the importance of the relationship between nature and humans. The bear is frequently featured in her drawings in part because of the close proximity she had to them as a child. She is also inspired by precipitation patterns and has a fondness for capturing the sky using video, photography and drawing. The art she creates is often filled with ideas surrounding the environment, ecology, and natural science.

August 17– September 23, 2017
Opening Reception
Saturday, September 9, 2017
6:00 – 9:00 pm