Howard Oransky

A Natural Measure of Time

A Natural Measure of Time is an exhibition of 23 new drawings by Howard Oransky. The drawings are based in equal measure on structure and improvisation. The structure consists of a uniform size sheet of Arches Oil Paper measuring 22 x 30 inches, a 4-inch brush, one oil color, and the time it takes to create an image with a single movement of the hand, without editing the image or lifting the brush off the paper. The improvisation consists of a spontaneous unplanned composition, the result of the variations in pressure, speed and direction of the hand, the movement of the brush and the density of the paint relative to the texture and color of the paper. When the process works, the image appears to exist as a pictorial fact of its own making. When the process doesn’t work, the drawing is discarded.


Born Empty, Died Full

The Form + Content gallery architecture, which divides the space into 7 walls, reminded me of the creation story of 7 days: six days of work followed by a day of reflection. The paintings are divided by a horizontal seam which serves as a metaphorical horizon line, suggesting the passage of longitudinal time. The brushwork, which moves vertically through the compositions, suggests the passage of internal time. The artworks in this exhibition rely on the basic language of painting: color, light and gesture, to suggest an open narrative of experience and introspection.


Shared Distance

Fast Time


Shared Distance

Slow Time


The Light of Day



The Light of Day



The Light of Day



Jacob's Ladder




Winter Light


Memory and Remembrance 1


Memory and Remembrance 2


Memory and Remembrance 3


Memory and Remembrance 4

Memory and Remembrance 5