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As a Minnesotan, I was raised with simple yet consistent values of stewardship. Those early lessons of conservation formed the foundation of my current art practice as I find inspiration in the natural world. My creative process requires me spend time at the river and in the woods, which is scientifically proven to heal the body and mind. These abstract paintings and drawings are an extension of this healing, re-connecting us to our profound and ancient relationship with water and trees.

For nearly four years, I have created paintings with respectfully-gathered water and sediment from local shorelines. I pour these materials with acrylic paint over a flat canvas to simulate the natural interactions of earth and water. I choose colors that express the movement, the reflection and the mood of the water as I paint over the textured surface. Every time I dip my paintbrush in the water from a specific river or lake, I am reminded of my experiences and connection with that place. Fully saturated with elements of the river itself, my art embodies its materiality, its story and its spirit.