The Art of Illustration

  • An invitational exhibition of seven highly recognized Illustrators: Mary Bergherr, Linda Frichtel, Tom Garrett, Eric Hanson, James O'Brien, Anne Vagt, and Ulana Zahajkewycz, curated by Form+Content members Jim Dryden and Jody Williams.

    January 14 – February 20, 2016




New paintings and drawings by Joyce Lyon and Karen Dekro.

Form+Content Gallery presents In Woods and Branches and Vines, drawings and paintings by Joyce Lyon and Karen Dekro. The exhibition juxtaposes works by the two artists inspired by observation of nature combined with interests in visual structure, metaphor and abstraction.

February 25 – April 02, 2016


Produced/curated by Camille Gage, guest curator and founding member, Form + Content Gallery

Fierce Lament brings together select artists, galleries, micro-theatres, environmentalists, writers, Indigenous leaders, and other collaborators in inquiry and co-creation in recognition of Earth Day, 2015.
Offering art, social practice engagements and other experiences in a variety of media, mediums and performance disciplines, Fierce Lament is an investigation into the sorrow of an ailing planet and her people, and what artists and others might do to heal her wounds. 

April 14 – May 14, 2016


An installation exhibition by Vesna Kittelson consisting of drawings, artist book DA VINCI and the DRONE, wood sculpture of an interpretation of da Vinci wing, 3D printed element of an interpretation of da Vinci wing, paper sculpture of Icarus’s Wings, suspended model of the Reaper drone, and self-portrait as Capricorn.

May 19 – June 25, 2016


Realm of the unknown

A group exhibition by past and present Form+Content Gallery interns, Realm of the Unknown is an exhibition of work inspired by the less tangible aspects of life, the things we cannot see or hear, such as auras. An aura is an atmosphere that emanates from or surrounds a particular object or being. When working creatively, people’s auras tend to expand and may intercept energies from other origins outside of themselves. In this exhibition, artists Caitlin David, Kathryn Flora, Greta Kotz, and Shannon Smith interpret the intangible through moments of wonder, strangeness, absence, and dealings with the subconscious mind. They examine how ethereal concepts, like that of the aura, can be explored and expressed in the tangible world. 

June 30 – August 6, 2016

living arrangements

Form + Content Gallery presents "Living Arrangements," an installation exhibition by Sandra Menefee Taylor.  Taylor's work in this show juxtaposes the ideas of 'home' and 'landscape' and asks the audience to consider where is the limit of 'domestic?'  Taylor transforms domestic images and artifacts through the use of common and elemental materials such as dirt, flour, and glass.  The result is both reverence and a call to action, to extend the sense of belonging and caring that we associate with home out to a larger scale -- the soil, air, and water that give a home to all life. 

August 11 – September 17, 2016

natural domestic

Form+Content Gallery presents Natural Domestic by Crescent Collective: an exhibition of living sculptures and images that capture the tension between nature as we imagine it and today’s myriad urban, domestic, and agricultural landscapes. The exhibition references historical depictions of landscape and the act of collecting natural objects by placing flora within orchestrated, technologically-supported    environments.
These works represent the synthetic landscapes of today, evidenced in home aquariums, hydroponic and engineered produce, and globalized house and garden plants.

September 22 – October 29, 2016


shadows and dust

Form+Content Gallery presents Shadows and Dust, a solo exhibition of recent work by gallery member Jody Williams. Featuring mixed media prints, drawings, artist's books, and not empty boxes, the show will focus on the ephemeral aspects of dust and shadows as material, cosmic and metaphorical presences. Poetic references to shadows and dust date back to Horace's "We are dust and shadow," from Ode IV.7, and continue through T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland to the present. Inspired by these, and informed by other reading and research, many of the pieces in Shadows and Dust will include Williams' own writing.

November 03 – December 10, 2016


Form + Content Gallery presents Interrupted Landscapes, new work by Steve Ozone. Ozone’s photographs combine portraits of immigrants set apart from the landscape through the use of a canvas background in both urban and rural settings. These alternative landscapes reminds us that we, excluding Native Americans, were all immigrants to the United States at one time.


December 15, 2016 – January 21, 2017